An Interview with Prof. Carla Raguseo

E-duT: You’ve specialized in ICT for language teaching and you are now offering the Web-enhanced Language Learning (WELL) Programme at E-duTraining.

Carla: Yes, I started integrating ICT, especially web tools, into my practice six years ago. I have experience as Multimedia Lab coordinator. I’ve designed and taught several workshops for language teachers and I’ve written articles and given lectures on the same topic. The WELL programme consists of 3 independent modules. We are starting the first one, Web-based lessons for the EFL classroom, on September 21st.

E-duT: Who are these courses for?

Carla: They are for EFL teachers who are eager to give their first steps integrating the web into their teaching. In this first module we start by discussing the implications of the web in ELT and learning strategies to find and manage web resources for our classes. Finally, teachers analyze sample lessons and create their own on the course wiki.

E-duT: How are the modules organized?

Carla: The modules are organized into weekly topics. Each week has a number of multimedia resources to read or watch, a discussion forum and a hands-on task to be done individually or collaboratively. The idea is not just to learn about the Web 2.0 but to learn the 2.0 way, to model best web practices we can then apply in our classes.

E-duT: What do your students enjoy the most about these courses?

Carla: Most teachers see the course as an opportunity to revitalize their practice. They feel really empowered since they are able to experiment freely and to apply and share what they learn in a warm and supportive learning environment.

E-duT: And, what do you enjoy the most?

Carla: I am always fascinated by my colleagues’ creativity. It’s  great to see how some teachers who start off with lots of fears gradually gain confidence and enthusiasm. And, most importantly, I also learn a lot from our reflections and shared discussions.

E-duT: Thank you!

You can enrol for Carla’s course at:


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